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Neagen and Visiopharm Announce New Technical Integration Between Image Analysis and PACS to Meet Demands from Pathologists

| September 10, 2017 | 0 Comments

Workflow, workflow, workflow has been a laboratory mantra for decades. Lean engineering principles, risk reduction, patient safety and efficiencies in every step. And for almost as long it has been recognized in digital pathology that workflow would need to be improved, particularly in “open” systems where best-of-breed may be implemented rather than “closed” systems. One […]

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Visiopharm Engages in Major Initiative for Deep Learning in Tissue Based Pathology

Hørsholm, Denmark, May 3rd – Visiopharm A/S announces the first result of their multifaceted strategy to apply Deep Learning technologies to its leading image analysis solution for cancer research and diagnostics. Visiopharm considers Deep Learning an important technological breakthrough for tissue pathology that offers the potential to make a real difference in the assessment of […]

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Visiopharm Acquires LRI Imaging to Become a Leader in Diagnostic Digital Pathology

| November 30, 2016 | 0 Comments

Hørsholm, Denmark — Visiopharm A/S today announces it has acquired LRI Imaging AB. With more than 10 years of experience in the field, with about 20 successful installations in routine diagnostic pathology labs, LRI Imaging AB is the leading diagnostic digital pathology provider in Sweden. Today, Visiopharm A/S has implemented diagnostic digital pathology at a national […]

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Pathcore Partners with Visiopharm to Provide a Powerful Image Analysis and Management Solution for Digital Pathology 

| November 13, 2016 | 0 Comments

Hørsholm, Denmark — Pathcore and Visiopharm recently announced a partnership to provide enhanced workflow software solutions for quantitative analysis and management of digital pathology images. By leveraging the strengths of Visiopharm, a global industry leader of digital pathology solutions including quantitative image analysis, and Pathcore™, a web-based digital pathology software provider, the partnership brings together […]

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Mikroscan Expands Offering with Leading Image Analysis Platforms

| October 25, 2016 | 0 Comments

Company provides enhanced tools for life science researchers to make discoveries more quickly and accurately October 24 2016 (Carlsbad, CA) — Mikroscan Technologies, maker of affordable real-time telepathology and whole-slide imaging solutions, announces expanded image analysis tools for digital pathology through key partnerships with leading providers of quantitative tissue pathology software. These collaborations enable Mikroscan […]

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Worldwide Collaboration for the Galileo Tissue Microarray – 100% Traceable TMA Workflow

| April 27, 2016 | 0 Comments

ISENET and Visiopharm announce a non-exclusive world-wide distribution agreement to provide Visiopharm image analysis with the Galileo TMA instrument, along with the Visiopharm Tissuearray™ imaging module, a part of ONCOTOPIX®, for tissue based research and diagnostics.  Cost effective and improved laboratory work flow in routine diagnostics ”The application of the Galileo Platform for TMA preparation […]

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Visiopharm Powers Up With VIS 6.0

| March 14, 2016 | 0 Comments

Visiopharm, the leading provider of quantitative digital pathology software for diagnostics and research, announces the launch of VIS 6.0– a powerful new version of their software. VIS 6.0 includes many new features plus Engine™ a new technology, which can leverage endless computational power. Engine™ demonstrates processing speeds well above the current speed limits of quantitative digital pathology; […]

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Huron Digital Pathology Partners with Visiopharm to Provide Industry Leading Image Analysis Software to Customers

Huron Digital Pathology, an innovative provider of whole slide scanners, and Visiopharm, the industry leader of Quantitative Digital Pathology solutions, announce today a non-exclusive distribution agreement in North America for Huron to provide their customers with Visiopharm’s ONCOtopix™ and BIOtopix™ software, along with image analysis algorithms from Visiopharm’s APPCenter. Visiopharm’s ONCOtopix™ solutions provide efficient, high-throughput […]

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Visiopharm Unveils a Whole New Look

Visiopharm releases today an updated, easier to navigate website and rebranding of our popular software solutions. The website introduces three main product sections – BIOtopix™, STEREOtopix™, and the new cancer focused ONCOtopix™. Over the past few years, Visiopharm has seen tremendous business growth with high demands for quantitative digital pathology in cancer research. In addition, […]

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Visiopharm Appoints Patrik Dahlen as Chairman of the Board

| March 3, 2015 | 0 Comments

Visiopharm continues to make news this year with appointment of Patrik Dahlén to its Board of Directors as Chairman. Today Visiopharm announces that Patrik Dahlén, previously the CEO of Dako, has joined the Visiopharm Board of Directors as Chairman. Mr. Dahlén joins Visiopharm at a time when we are positioned to become the fastest growing […]

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