Farewell PathologyBlawg.com

| November 26, 2015

pathologyblawglogoBlogs, like blog readers, come and go.  It is part of the nature of creating blogs and reading blogs. Writing a blog consumes resources for the blogger and readers take time to read and comment or share on what one writes if it strikes a chord with them. We all try in the blogosphere to move the needle in our own way with what resources we have to bring to light news and stories that are relevant to our own interests and anticipate will be of some value to our readers over time.

A number of folks have inquired about the status of The PathologyBlawg in the past month.  While a number of rumors and conspiracies exist on sites such as the Student Doctor Network, Laboratory Economics reported in their November 2015 issue the anonymous-pathologist blogger ceased publication “Due to a combination of personal, professional and legal issues related to operating the Blawg, I made the very difficult decision to stop operating the site.”

The blawg, as I recall when it was launched, was intended to be a blog about legal issues and stories, in this case, dealing with laboratories and pathologists which quickly gained attention from laboratorians and pathologists about business and legal issues facing our profession.

The blawger drew attention to many issues relevant to pathology and laboratory medicine during some of the most turbulent times in recent memory for laboratories with significant reimbursement cuts and increasing regulations.

For those of us who talk to the world through our computers I can only imagine that thinking about shutting down a blog is not as much fun as thinking about launching it and keeping it going.

Ultimately, it is a personal endeavor and we all have to face some changes from time to time with personal and professional priorities, reassess goals, other opportunities and external pressures.

The blawger tells tissuepathology.com, “I decided to stop operating the site for the foreseeable future, but it is entirely possible I may be able to resume operations at some point.”

So, farewell PathologyBlawg, for now, you will be missed.




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